Our guides aren’t just narrators; they’re storytellers, breathing life into the city.

Sun deck

Unwind and soak up the sun on our open sun deck, ideal for sightseeing.


Experience a real mahogany boat exuding a classic aesthetic, responsibly sourced.

The royal family chooses us.

Do as the Royalties, Choose Wisely.

This elegant boat you are about to board was built in 1946 in the Stockholm Archipelago. She is a wooden boat built in mahogany and oregon pine in accordance to a drawing by the legendary Jac M Iversen. She served as a passenger boat for celebrities and royalties in Stockholm for many years.

Approved by the Royalties!

In the summer of 2022, we had the honor of welcoming the Swedish Royal Family onboard our boat!

a 1-hour royal canal tour

Memories that lasts.

#1 Live-guided tour in Stockholm

Why Choose Us.

Enjoy a personalized tour with captivating stories that unveil the secrets and splendors of both Djurgården and Stockholm!
Experience the capital from our comfortable boats, designed for optimal sightseeing.

  • Live-guided. Our guides aren’t just narrators, they’re storytellers.
  • Sundeck. Life is so much better when enjoyed under the sun!
  • Mahogany boats. Crafted from responsibly sourced mahogany, our boats exude a classic aesthetic.